Design Services

  1. Consultation Service

    A visit to the clients garden and some verbal advice on various aspects of the garden.

    A written report, to follow up the visit, making recommendations and improvements for an additional fee.

  2. Design Service

    An initial consultation with the client to discuss requirements in order to produce a design.
    A site survey will be carried out to produce a scale drawing and soil samples may be taken along with photographs.
    From the site survey plan an initial design will be produced for discussion.
    After further consultation with the client a master plan will be produced and agreed with the client.
    A planting plan will be produced and agreed if required.

    Further drawings can be produced at this stage if required for an additional fee. Such a construction drawings, artist impressions, cross sections, coloured plans e.t.c

  3. Garden Construction

    Contractors can be recommended and quotes obtained if required.

    Project Management can be provided with liason with contractor and regular site visits.

  4. Supply and Plant

    We can provide a supply and plant service for the whole of the planting scheme.

  5. Garden Maintenance

    A maintence schedule can be drawn up for the new garden, as a comprehensive guide on how to look after the garden.

    Contractors can be recommended to carry out the garden maintenance.

A client may wish to consider some or all of the above services according to their preference.